FAQs – Baby Ball Pits


Q. What are the dimensions?

  • A. 90cm Diameter x 30cm High x 5cm Thick.

Q. What is the ball pit made from? 

  • A. The material is a foam base and structure with velvet lining.

Q. Is it velvet washable? 

  • A. The base of the pit lining is washable. You can wash it by machine on delicate wash, however we always recommend hand washing.

Q. Are ball pits safe? 

  • A. Our baby ball pits are very safe. They serve as a small barrier playground for young children. They are made from soft foam and velvet materials. Your baby should ALWAYS be supervised while playing in their ball pit. 

Q. What ages do these ball pits suit?

  • A. Generally 6+ months. However for safety reasons it is recommended that your baby is sitting upright themselves before being put in the ball pit.

Q. Why does it come vacuum sealed?

  • A. The ball pits come vacuum sealed during manufacturing and are cheaper to ship. Shipping is very expensive for a product this size if it's not sealed. 

Q. Why is shipping expensive?

  • A. When purchasing pits with balls, the balls come in quite large boxes, therefore expensive to ship. 

Q. How long does it take for the pit to take its final shape?

  • A. Generally after 2-3 weeks of the pit being open, it'll take it's final natural shape. The pit can be massaged into shape, however the pits aren't going to be a perfect circular shape.